Tooth loss has a lot of potentially painful consequences. The neighbouring teeth could shift out of position, leading to chewing problems, tooth decay, gum disease, a misaligned bite and even an atrophied jaw bone.


If you have lost teeth or require extractions, Ivory Dental Practice can help by providing a quality set of full or partial dentures.

  • Partial dentures: This removable appliance restores one or more missing teeth. When fitted properly, they help your remaining teeth retain their natural position, which preserves your bite and improves your appearance.
  • Complete dentures: If you are missing all the teeth on one or both arches, we will have a set of natural-looking and attractive dentures custom-made for you. They will eliminate bite problems, maintain the structure of your face, and restore the ability to speak and chew normally.

Ivory Dental Practice is pleased to also offer Valplast partial dentures, a revolutionary dental restoration that is practically invisible because there are no metal clasps and the appliance itself blends in with your gums. Valplast dentures are also lightweight and flexible, making them extremely comfortable to wear.

Your dentist will recommend a particular type of denture after evaluating the following:

  • How many teeth have been lost or removed
  • The condition of your gums and adjacent natural teeth
  • Whether or not dental implants will be needed to support the denture

Once a decision is made, your dentist will take an impression of your teeth and send it to a dental laboratory to act as a blueprint for your new dentures. When they arrive at our office, we will call you in to be fitted. If the dentures complement your natural bite and does not require adjusting, you will be sent home with instructions for taking care of your new appliance.

Dentures can restore symmetry and beauty to an otherwise imperfect smile. For more information, contact Ivory Dental today.

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